Texas River Floating Tips

Hello Dolls,

I recently went on a fun trip to New Braunfels, TX to do something everyone should add to their summer bucket list- float the river. I had never been tubing prior to this trip, so needless to say I had no idea what to expect. A friend suggested Texas Tubes to me, so my bestie and I went with it. They had good customer service, held your keys and ID for your convenience and even provided shuttle service (thank goodness because the Texas heat was no joke.) Now for some tips to help you when you embark on your river floating adventure.

1.) Research Your Rivers

As I stated y'all, this was my first time and I had no idea what to expect. I probably should have compared rivers around the area, but honestly our trip turned out perfectly. The tubing company that we went with (Texas Tubes) was right off of the Comal River. The river was pretty clear and was fairly calm. I definitely wasn't expecting a tube chute or scuba divers in the water. I also found out afterward that this is one of the shortest rivers in the areas. I recommend this for first time floaters, groups with children or those wanting to float without a large crowd. 

2.) Bring Rope to Tie Your Tubes Together

This can vary depending on who you're renting from. I assumed (bad idea) that our renter would have rope available to use. Guess what, I was wrong. Luckily I had a fanny pack and used the strap to tie our tubes together. Y'all it was a tragic site to see, but it worked! I highly suggest asking the company that you're renting from if they have rope available to tie your tubes. If not, most definitely bring your own. Of course you don't have to be tied together or you can simply hold onto each others tubes during the ride.

3.) Know the Laws of the River

No matter which river you choose to float, make sure that you the know the rules. For instance- no styrofoam, glass or littering was allowed; but we were able to bring drinks and a cooler. *be sure to read official rules*

I hope that my experience and tips help you to prepare for your river floating trip. It is seriously a great experience, just be careful and alert of your surroundings in the water dolls.

XO Lana


Milana Davis