Corpus Christi Travel Guide

Hello Dolls,

I recently took a trip to Corpus Christi, TX and it was fantastic! It was my first time visiting this Gulf Coast city, but I think this might turn into a yearly thing for me. I put a few 'must-do' things below for y'all to check out. 

1.) Ride Horses on The Beach

Y'all! Words can't express how happy I was to ride a horse on the beach. This was one of the top things to do on my bucket list, so when my mom told me we were going I was elated. If you're not an experienced horse rider (like me) you have nothing to worry about. The instructor will ask you about your experience and will match you up with a horse. I rode a beautiful horse by the name of Stryker. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous at first, but when he started scratching his rump on the fence post (yes you read that correctly, lol!) I calmed down.

2.) See A Sea Turtle Hatchling Release

Watching baby sea turtles being released felt like I was watching a show on the Discovery Channel. It was absolutely beautiful. If you want to see baby Kemp's Ridley sea turtles get released, you'll have to make a short drive to North Padre Island from Corpus Christi. Nesting season is from April to August and release dates are posted for you to keep up with. You'll have the opportunity to learn a lot about this endangered species and see nature up close and personal.

3.) Visit Texas State Aquarium

I love visiting aquariums and this one did not disappoint. The Texas State Aquarium exhibits were very impressive and there were plenty of opportunities to learn at each one. We also got to see beautiful flamingos (my absolute favorite) and an adorable dolphin show. I recommend visiting the aquarium early to avoid large crowds. 

4.) USS Lexington Naval Ship

Visiting this naval ship, nicknamed 'The Blue Ghost,'  was one of the most fascinating stops during the trip. This ship is huge, be prepared to walk and take a lot of steps y'all. This historic aircraft carrier played a huge part in World War II. There are five different tour routes for visitors to take to see the flight deck, officer's quarters, captain's cabin, dental clinic, sick bay and so much more. It is truly a site to see.

5.) The Selena Museum

If you are a Selena fan you will absolutely love this museum. This intimate museum showcased all of Selena's awards, beautiful outfits, her Porsche and much more. You can even see her old recording studio. The museum is quaint but holds a lot of history.

6.) Visit Whataburger on The Bay

As if we needed another reason to love this Texas favorite! This two story Whataburger didn't serve anything different, but it was a nice place to visit. Fun fact- Whataburger originated in Corpus Christi!

I hope you enjoyed my top picks in this travel guide. I can't wait to share my next adventure with you dolls.

XO Lana

Milana Davis