Top 4 Things to Do Near Turner Falls

Hello Dolls,

I have been going on super fun road trips this year and it’s time for me to share another one with yall. I recently went to Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma and it was absolutely beautiful! We also explored a few other stops in the area and ended up taking a quick trip to Oklahoma City as well. Check it out!

1. Turner Falls Park

This is an absolute must-see! There are so many different things to do from camping, swimming, exploring castles and caves, hiking trails and so much more. I suggest giving yourself the whole day to explore this getaway.


2. Arbuckle Wilderness

This wildlife drive thru was one of my favorite stops during the trip. Besides being slightly terrified while animals surrounded the car, I had a blast. There were a variety of animals including donkeys, bison, a camel, emu, ostriches and many more. You can even feed the animals. Saving hint dolls- there is a $2 off coupon on their website!


3. Bedre Fine Chocolate

This is a fun place to visit for chocolate lovers. Bedre had a variety of chocolate goodies and an in-house factory that you can see in the back. This tasty stop is also right across from the Chicasaw Visitor Center.


4. Cloverleaf Boutique

Oh my gosh this was seriously the cutest boutique that I have ever seen! As soon as I saw the adorable flamingo statues out front, I fell in love. This boutique has the wackiest decorations that you can’t help but to explore. They also have super cute clothes, jewelry and more for sale inside. Cloverleaf is definitely a must-see!


A Quick Stop in Oklahoma City

We also took a quick drive to Oklahoma City during our trip. There were so many things to do in this Capitol city, but we were only able to do a couple. We explored the fun Paseo Art Festival and we also went on an adventure to the Museum of Osteology. There were hundreds of different skeletons to see. I seriously recommend checking this place out, there is a lot to learn here!


Stay tuned for my next adventure dolls. I’ll be sure to share it with yall!

XO Lana


Milana Davis