3 Unique Things to Do In Galveston

1.) Moody Gardens

The Aquarium

I haven’t been to this aquarium since I was in elementary school, so needless to say I was pretty excited. Moody Gardens is made up of three fun pyramids that you can explore: the aquarium, the rainforest and the discovery pyramid. They also have a variety of other fun attractions to explore. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do everything, but I had a blast at the aquarium. 


2.) Tree Sculpture Tour

Yes you read that correctly, a tour of tree sculptures. These trees were so incredibly unique and beautiful. After a damaging hurricane, a talented artist turned the damaged trees into art. You can spot these tree sculptures in yards throughout the neighborhood. Don’t worry, they’re used to visitors randomly taking pictures in their front and back yards. Download the map guide and enjoy this self-guided tour.


3.) Bishop’s Palace

A Historical Home

The Bishop’s Palace is a beautiful house that was built in the late 1800’s. I was in total amazement the moment I saw it. From the stained glass windows to the bathroom details, everything was done intricately. You can enjoy the self-guided audio tour at your own pace. 

There are so many other things to do on Galveston Island, I'll definitely have to make another trip out there. Hope y'all enjoy the few on my list! It's a great weekend getaway.

XO Lana

Milana Davis