Black Friday Shopping Tips

Hey Y'all,

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means Black Friday is coming. It's time for a serious shopping trip y'all! I love embarking on Black Friday adventures, so I wanted to share my tips and tricks that I've learned over the years. Whether you want to do a little shopping for yourself or for your loved ones, I hope these tips help.

1.) Make a Plan- Know What Stores You’re Going to Visit

Black Friday shopping can be a bit hectic, especially if this is your first time doing so. Make a list of all of the stores you want to tackle. This will help you map out exactly where you want to go.

2.) Set a Budget- Don’t Overspend

I can’t stress this enough, set your spending limit for this shopping trip. I know it can get tempting to buy everything, but don’t do it. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend can also prevent you from buying things you didn’t plan on. Don’t go into debt over one shopping trip!

3.) Make a List- Know Who You’re Shopping For

Make a list of the people you’re shopping for this holiday season and what you want to get for them. See if any of the stores on your list are running specials on those items. Knowing who you’re shopping for can stop you from buying unnecessary things just because they’re on sale.

4.) Look Up the Store Hours

Who wants to drive to their favorite store ready to shop, only to find out it’s closed. No one. Check the store hours before you go. Some stores open super early, like on Thanksgiving Day and some don’t open until early Friday morning. It’s best to check to avoid a headache and wasted time. 

5.) Check Out the Sale Flyers

Many stores always send out sale flyers before Black Friday. You can also check them out online. Note what your favorite stores will have marked down to help make your shopping trip a little easier. 

Bonus Tip* Look for Promo Codes

Get the most bang for your buck with extra savings. Some stores will still run an extra coupon or will have a promo code to use for Black Friday sales. Not all places will do this, but it’s worth a try to look before you go!

Happy shopping!

XO Lana

Milana Davis